What is Miniature Art ?

It is generally believed that Germans was the first nation to have miniature arts in the form of Dollhouse.

During nineteenth century, dollhouse came out from inside the palaces and nobles, and soon flourished in England to become public hobby.

It was then that the variety of dollhouses came to cover all distinguished architecture and their interior furnishings.

Nowadays, dollhouse and miniature arts become popular in the United States and Asia, museums and studios are founded for pursuing these beautiful form of arts.

Miniature arts show more precisely of the interior design , the making of furniture, paintings, lighting fixtures, porcelains , clay works and so forth became more and

more professional and technically sophisticated.

They are the mixture of visual arts and handicraft, their attraction make people take refuge in the peaceful world of miniatures.

The craft of miniature can be both simple and complicated. With your creativity, you would be able to transform these 1:12 scale clay works into unique artworks

of your desires:-

It would be a mansion, a shop, diner, cute dolls that you once grew up with or the first bouquet of roses that you ever received.

Not only will these handcrafted miniatures become part of your personal collection, they will also be great as gifts for your friends and family;

beacuse they are sculptures created from the bottom of your heart.

How to measure scale 1:12 miniatures ?

1 inch = 2.54 cm ;

For a one pound cake which is 9 inches ( 23 cm ), so 1:12 mini cake will be 2 cm in diameter.

For a rose which is 3 inches ( 7.6 cm ), then the 1:12 mini rose will be of 0.6 cm in size.



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