From Mini Era Studio, Annie has created more than a hundred projects and has showcased them in various exhibitions, magazines and TV.

Here are some of the exhibits:



in Exhibitions:



on TV :



on Magazines:
上海菜 Shanghai Cuisine 1:12 娃娃屋 Dollhouse 西餐廳 Western Restaurant
九大簋 Chinese New Year Dinner 女生部屋 Bedroom 調理枱 Cooking Table
壽宴 Birthday Banquet 新娘房 The Bride Room 港式茶餐廳 Hong Kong Style Tea Room
大澳海味檔 Tai O Dried Seafood Stall 金玉滿堂 Chinese New Year Blessing 薰衣草店 Lavender Shop
澳門手信 Macau Snacks 老家的廚房 My Old Home 's Kitchen 花店 Florist
老餅家 Classic Chinese Cake Shop 麵家 Chinese Noodles Stall 我的花園 My Garden
茶樓點心 Chinese Tea House 咖啡室 Mini Era Cafe 蘭花溫室 Orchard's Greenhouse
燒臘店 Roasted Food Stall 薑餅屋 Ginger Bread House    
生果檔 Fruits Stall 聖誕大餐 Christmas Banquet    
大牌檔 Roadside Cooked Food Stalls 我家的園 My Garden    
西貢海鮮 Sai Kung Seafood Stall 窗前 The Window Box    
街市魚檔 Fishstall in Market        
千朵玫瑰 1000 Roses        
玫瑰甜點餅店 Rose Patisserie        
中式婚禮 Chinese Wedding        
鸞鳳和鳴 Chinese Wedding Banquet        
花店 : 花弄影 Flower Shop        
花店 : 花花世界 Flower World Shop        



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